We provide real estate development, financial, and market advisory services to landowners and developers in both the public and private sectors.

High House Prices and Low Incomes April 2017-1 (dragged) 

Low Incomes and High House Prices in Metro Vancouver

Average detached house prices can vary from the regional average by as much as 220% but incomes vary by only 25%.

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Since 1984 we have worked on approximately 1,000 major real estate development projects with a value well above $100 Billion. We provide real estate development, financial and market advisory consulting services to developers, landowners, investors, and public sector government agencies.
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Our clients include Developers, Land Owners, Retailers, Financial Institutions/Lenders, Pension Funds, REITs, Architects, Engineers, Planners, Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Business Associations, All Levels of Government, Crown Corporations, Hospital Boards, Various Institutions, Universities, School Districts, and Transportation Authorities.


Our project profile includes advisory services for Shopping Centers and Anchor Tenants, Office and Large Scale Industrial, Retail Store Locations, Development Impact, Residential Projects, Mixed Use and TOD Projects, Development Strategies, and Financial Analysis.
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We provide a full range of real estate economic services and have extensive experience in all forms of residential commercial, industrial, and institutional land development projects.